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    Paris for President

    We're Bringing Back PARIS FOR PRESIDENT!

    Check out the BTS footage from her 2008 shoot and more!

    by Paris Hilton | February 26, 2016

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    US Billionaire Paris Hilton Visits Cuba

    Taking off for Cuba. Won't have service for a few days [...]

    by Paris Hilton | March 25, 2015

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    Paris Talks Her Ideal Valentine's Date & With Love

    With Love, Paris Hilton is the perfect gift! Get yours here. [...]

    by Paris Hilton | February 05, 2015

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    Beanstalk Grows Paris Hilton Brand

    Paris' brand expands...

    by Paris Hilton | January 22, 2015

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    Paris Hilton Dedicates Her 17th Fragrance To Her Adoring Fans!

    Can you believe Paris Hilton is on her 17th perfume creation?! Where has the time gone? [...]

    by Paris Hilton | November 14, 2014

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