I’m Never Wearing
Glue-On Lashes
Again, Here’s Why.

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MoxieLashes allow me to go about my travels without the weight or worry of glue-on lashes.


It Was Love At
First Sight!

My MoxieLash Complete Starter Kit first arrived in this adorable pink packaging, which obviously made me excited. Inside, I found a clean and organized luxe black bag, a magnetic liquid eyeliner, magnetic applicator, eyeliner remover swabs, and the Baby Lash magnetic lash set. If you know me, you know I adore my aesthetics, and it was love at first sight!


When I looked in the mirror after applying MoxieLashes for the first time, I knew I had to tell my fans, friends, and family about the upcoming hottest and boldest look of 2021.

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The Magnetic Lash Application Process Is So Easy.


First, the magnetic eyeliner could not have gone on any easier. This liner has great coverage and gave me the clean lines I was looking for.

Then, while applying the lashes, I realized MoxieLash changed the game by making this process so easy! I went in with the applicator, and the lashes snapped right into place on the eyeliner with minimal effort.

The lashes are not only easy to apply, but they add an effortless look to my makeup routine. They’re an accent lash, so they look completely natural and blend in with my actual lashes seamlessly!

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