I Bought My Boyfriend These Amazing Portraits For His Birthday

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As you probably know by now, I am dating the love of my life, Carter.

We’ve celebrated an anniversary together, holidays, and so many special events.

During these occasions, I love surprising Carter with fun gifts and random acts of kindness because it feels good to give someone I love a reason to smile.

For his birthday, I knew I had to do something special. I couldn’t throw him a giant surprise party with all his friends because of Covid. So I decided to keep his birthday celebrations more intimate and get him a gift he would never forget.

Because Carter is one of the most special and important people in my life today, I decided to get him a gift that would symbolize our relationship and bring us even closer.

For Carter’s birthday, I got him custom portraits by Paint Your Life to illustrate the memories we’ve shared together and the ones I cannot wait to make!

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I Will Never Forget the Look On Carter’s Face When He Opened His Paint Your Life Portraits

Paint Your Life is an incredible company whose mission is to make you and the ones you love smile.

All I had to do was upload my most cherished photographs of Carter and me, and within weeks, my photograph was transformed into a masterpiece of the two of us.

I will never forget the look on Carter’s face when he opened his Paint Your Life portraits—it was a mix of love, gratitude, and surprise all in one.

Transforming my favorite photographs of Carter and me was not only a gift for him but a gift for me too. It brought me to tears to see how happy he was to receive sincerely thoughtful gifts, and it made me feel grateful that I have someone in my life that wants to put our memories up on the wall.

Paint Your Life gives you the chance to find your photos from years ago that are probably stuck in old photo albums or highlight photographs that you recently took on your phone, and transform them into portraits created by professional artists!

If I’m looking at photos of Carter and me all the time on my phone anyway, then why not scale those photos into large paintings for both of us to enjoy!

Paint Your Life brings my memories back and reminds me every day that I’m so loved.

Design the perfect photo of your and your partner today!

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Paint Your Life

Professional Photo to Painting

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One of my friends was so in awe that she even ordered a portrait right after leaving my home!

Your Specific Masterpiece Is Assigned To A Professional Artist Of Your Choice!

Carter was so in awe of how real the portraits looked that he actually thought it was a photo printed on a canvas at first.

That’s how skilled the artists are at Paint Your Life. On their website, you can choose between family and friend portraits, couple portraits, landscape portraits, and more. Then you can decide what medium you want your masterpiece to be painted in. 

For the one I got Carter, I decided to choose the medium of oil paint, but there are also other options for pastels, watercolors, and even charcoal etchings if you want a black and white drawing.

Another amazing part of Paint Your Life service is that your specific masterpiece is assigned to a professional artist of your choice! 

Every artist has their own style regardless of the medium they’re using, and it’s exciting to choose exactly who is creating the portraits I’m giving to my loved ones and the ones I’m keeping in my home. 

Find the perfect artist to create your masterpiece! 

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Paint Your Life Is All About Recreating A Magical Moment

I think something that’s happened in our digital age, especially with social media, is that we see or take so many photographs every day that sometimes they lose their meaning, or we forget about them altogether. 

Paint Your Life is the company made for thoughtful gift-giving in 2021: they’ve created a service that we all need more than ever right now.

With the inability to really travel and spend time with friends and family, it’s wonderful to be able to give a loved one in my life a portrait that will live with them forever.

I know Carter was so blown away by the Paint Your Life concept and mission that he purchased paintings from our same artist for his friends and family.

Paint your life is all about recreating a magical moment you share with someone special and reminding you that love is the most important thing on earth.

In 3 easy steps—uploading your photos, customizing your paint options, and choosing the artist that will create your custom portrait—you’re on your way to giving the most thoughtful gift of your life.

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