Halloween Finds To Get You In The Spooky Spirit

Anyone who says they don’t love Halloween, hasn’t been to a good party that pushed the limits and offered something fun and unique. These items are all meant to be used together to create a colorful, playful and yet modern look to a Halloween party. Having fun doesn’t have to be limited just to your costume, make your party and your home just as enjoyable too!

Sprinkles and Confetti Metallic Gold Silverware Set $6.50

Hosting a Halloween party this year? Add some style to your table with this pretty metallic gold silverware set. Purposely not your traditional white silverware, because why not play with something more fun and festive. 

Coterie Brushstroke Table Runner $26.00

You’ve got your metallic silverware, now for a table runner to match the aesthetic. Taking photos of the table decor and food, will have a fun backdrop with the artful design. This table runner also keeps your table safe from spills, that are very likely to happen throughout the night and festivities.

Kailo Chic Spooky Scary Halloween Felt Garland $28.00

Who said everything Halloween related had to be black, white or orange? Make your party and home feel more festive and dare to play with bolder colors and decorations! Add this to your front door for guests to see on arrival or above the refreshment and snack table at a party. Have fun with it!

Kailo Chic Halloween Color Blocked Pumpkin Paper Plates $7.50

Tablerunner is set, serving ware and utensils are set, now you have your plates! What is more festive than pumpkin shaped, anything?! And the color blocking, so fun and playful

Sprinkles and Confetti Melamine Plastic White Cake Stand $34.99

Add this piece, front and center on your food and refreshment table at your party. No matter what color your cake decor is, this white cake stand won’t take away from it. It’s sturdy while still elegant and holds an average size cake just perfectly

Kailo Chic Rainbow Halloween Pumpkins $20

Don’t forget to decorate your table with pumpkins too! Scatter these little colorful pumpkins throughout your table, bathroom counter and perhaps where you’re keeping the trick-o-treat basket. 

Dach Everywhere Lion Mane Dog Costume $19.95

Has anyone ever told you that your furry friend looks like a lion? Well now, they can embody their inner lion or lioness in this adorable costume! We love how simple the costume is, perfect for even the pickiest of dogs and easy to slip right on and off. If you’re worried about whether or not your dog will keep the costume on, rest assured that the material of the mane is soft and environmentally friendly, so it’s extra comfortable for them and less of a fuss for you.

Bat Power Headband Tiara $13.95

If you’re not one to go all out for a Halloween costume, this tiara is the perfect thing. Pair this simple and powerful piece with some fun makeup – think cobweb designed eyeliner and red lipstick – and an all black ensemble, and you’ll surely be a showstopper.