New Paris Hilton Perfume 'Love Rush'

Paris Hilton Perfume: The All New ‘Love Rush’

Everything you need to know about the newest Paris Hilton fragrance, Love Rush, from its signature scent notes and iconic bottle design.

You know those moments in life you wish you could capture in a bottle and keep forever? Those late nights and long drives? Dancing in the middle of a crowded room or setting eyes for the first time on the person you’ll one day call yours? You can’t bottle a perfect moment… but what if we told you that you could?

Well, maybe not literally, but you could get pretty close.

Scent is one of the most powerful forms of memory and with Love Rush, the new fragrance by Paris Hilton, you can mark the most important days and nights of your life with a subtle and sophisticated note. The latest addition in Hilton’s superior Rush eau de parfum series, Love Rush is the much-anticipated scent from the most special day of her life.

We know you saw the pics of Paris Hilton on her wedding day looking stun-ning. Now get ready to discover the scent that walked with her down the aisle.

Are you ready to fall in love? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Paris Hilton’s latest fragrance, Love Rush, including its release date and where you can pick up your own bottle.

The Newest Scent From Your Longtime Fave

There are a lot of celebrity-endorsed perfumes out there, but Paris Hilton stands on her own.

Over the last two decades, she’s built a fragrance empire, working tirelessly to produce new and exciting scents, perfect for every occasion. From her first self-titled label released in 2004, Paris is always keeping her finger on the pulse of fragrances, delivering some of the best-selling bottles on the market. She is the proud owner and face behind over 29 perfumes and colognes, for men and women, for day and night.

As the original influencer when it comes to style in every shade of pink, it’s no surprise that Paris’s perfumes are known for her tasteful and elegant bottle design, featuring lots of rose, ruby, and hot pink as well as bedazzled details. As CEO and Creative Director of Paris Hilton Fragrances, she is always concocting new and exciting scents, sure to make an impression. In other words, she’s a boss.

And now, the entrepreneur has delivered a whole new scent, called Love Rush — her most personal fragrance to date, the scent she wore on her wedding day.

A New Jewel in Paris Hilton’s Rush Line

If you’re unfamiliar with Paris Hilton’s line of Rush perfumes, we have just one thing to say to you — you’re seriously missing out.

The Rush perfumes are elegant and refined, with floral notes and an overall subtle but impactful tone. These are perfumes built for young women who want to be noticed. Each of the Rush perfumes — Gold Rush, Rose Rush, Ruby Rush, Platinum Rush, and Luxe Rush — come in stunning designs, shaped like evening gowns with a fitted bodice top and a lush and flowing gown glass bottle.

As beautiful collector items, they’re the perfect display perfume. With every new edition, we add another gorge dress to our little perfume wardrobe. How cute is that?

Love Rush is one such addition. What will the bottle look like and which color gown will Love Rush be wearing? You’ll just have to wait and see (keep reading to discover just how long you’ll have to wait)…

What Does Love Rush Smell Like?

So what can you expect from Paris’s brand new scent?

It’s hard to describe what falling in love feels like, and even harder to capture it and hold onto it forever. Paris met with the perfumer to talk through her wishes and dreams to create this one of a kind scent — her wedding perfume.

Coming out in late 2022 and inspired by Paris’s journey to lifelong love, Love Rush is a beautiful assemblage of scents, accented to perfection. Like love, the scent comes on strong and intense and then fades into a lasting and special smell that only gets more special as it becomes more familiar. Like love, it’s a scent you want to last forever.

From the very first spritz, we know you’ll fall head over heels for this elegant and luxurious scent. Just ask Carter. 

How and When To Wear Love Rush

When it comes to spritzing yourself in Love Rush, a little bit of love goes a long way.

You can save Love Rush for the most important day of your life — like Paris did, for her wedding day — or you can use it every day for that little spark of love that keeps you going.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually own the scent Paris Hilton wore walking down the aisle, surrounded by her family and friends and decked out in Oscar de la Renta perfection. And all three subsequent dress changes after, obviously.

Love Rush is a versatile and sophisticated scent, so it suits a number of occasions. If you want to inspire love on your first date, celebrate it on the most important day of your life, or just add some specialness to an ordinary night in, Love Rush is the move.

Where To Spray Love Rush

Spray it on your pulse points: the insides of your wrists, the skin behind your ears, your elbows, and behind your knees for the longest-lasting scent. These are all areas where your veins get very close to the surface of your skin, meaning they’re generally hotter than other areas of your body.

Your body’s natural heat will mix with the scent and put out love-ly vibes all around you. Just make sure you don’t rub it on your skin. The friction from rubbing will cause too much heat, changing the effect of the scent.

Oh and one more PSA: the mist and walk (where you spray a cloud of the perfume and then walk into it) may look cool in romantic comedy movies but sadly, it isn’t very effective at holding onto the scent. Spray directly onto your skin and wait for the perfume to dry.

Three to six spritzes ought to do it, no more. There’s something to be said about always leaving them wanting more.

Where and When You Can Fall in Love With Love Rush?

So now that you’re primed for Love Rush, you’re probably wondering where and when you can pick up a bottle.

Which is a perfect segue for us to ask — do you like our shiny new website? We’re obsessed. It’s all thanks to a new direction, spearheaded by Paris herself.

As the co-founder and CEO of 11:11 Media, a global media company and content platform for influencers and brands to elevate their status with proven storytelling and impactful content strategy. If you know anything about Paris’s story, her new position as CEO of a media company makes so much sense.

When it comes to online creators, she is the blueprint. And with so many product lines, including forays in NFTs, cryptocurrency, music, and a long, long list of cosmetics and merchandise, Paris is now sitting on an empire — one we really want you to be a part of.

As such, we’re so pleased to announce that Love Rush, the new fragrance from Paris Hilton will be exclusively available on, so you can buy directly from the woman who made all of this happen.

Paris Hilton isn’t just the celebrity face of another perfume brand. She is the final decision-maker and artistic visionary behind every perfume she produces. She wears her perfumes every day and is their biggest fan. When you wear Love Rush by Paris Hilton, you’re actually twinning with the highest-paid female DJ in the world. What’s not to love?

On that note, we have some more special news. We’re prepared to announce an official launch date for the new scent… drumroll please, thank you.

It’s November 10! Get ready to fall in love yourself or snatch the perfect gift in time for the holidays with your loved ones. Love Rush is arriving right on time.

Capture the Magic of Love Rush

Are you ready for Love Rush? That’s what we thought. Starting this November, get ready to add some sparks to your vanity with the new iconic scent from the Queen of perfumes herself, Paris Hilton. From a beautiful bottle design to a striking and memorable scent, there is so much to love when it comes to Love Rush.

Exclusively available on Paris Hilton Fragrance’s new website, Love Rush is hitting the online shelves 11.11.22, Paris’ first wedding anniversary date! Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first people in the world to wear the scent Paris wore when walking down the aisle.

As the beauty mogul and internet fave continues to build her empire, we hope you’ll join us to be a part of history. Making Love Rush was a labor of Love for Paris Hilton and now it can be yours. XOXO.


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