Pet Accessories Too Cute To Resist

My furry babies are my everything. A night cuddling with them and watching a movie is what I prefer to any other event. And since we do spend a lot of time at home, I love to give them the very best accessories to keep them comfortable, entertained and of course, loved and spoiled like no other. Animals provide us with unconditional love, so why not give them unconditional TLC with some special items and treats.

Bubba Rose Pink Birthday Baby Cake $18.99

Who says birthday cakes are just for humans? Our furry babies deserve a sweet treat on their birthdays too! We love these adorable birthday cakes fit for dogs of all sizes, so no one misses out on having something delicious to celebrate their solar return. They’re shelf stable for up to a year, so you can keep it on the ready for when the special day comes. And it’s in a delicious peanut butter apple flavor, making it the most perfect delecant gift for your dogs.

Modern Beast MB Pod $130.00

Your dog will love you forever with this comfortable cloud to lounge on. Let’s face it, dogs work really hard and need a place to rest! These cozy pods provide a full body support, so your dog feels like they’re being hugged and cuddled on the constant. It’s also super easy to clean and made with all recycled material. I mean honestly, do these come in human size? Because the comfort level on this looks unreal.

Modern Beast Spring Woolbone $13.00

How many toys have you given your dog that are destroyed in just minutes? This wool bone was made to be as resistant as possible, for all levels of play (and well, destruction). Wool is a renewable resource, so not only eco-friendly but it’s also non-toxic and odor resistant. No amount of chewing will ruin this toy. Can’t you just imagine your furry baby chewing on this, while laying on the MB pod?!

Welter Atelier Loola Scratch Board $75.90

We can’t decide what’s best about this product – how adorable and chic it will look in any home or the fact that it smells like honey. Let’s back up, introducing your cat’s new favorite pastime activity! This scratch board was designed with health and comfort in mind. The materials include strong durable beech wood and protective aromatic beeswax. The mission of their products is the communication between what is natural and not interrupting what nature provides. And I mean, it’s so adorable – something we know your cats will appreciate.

Holi Wild Caught Salmon Treats $9.99

A healthy pup starts from the inside out. We love these treats, simply made from freeze dried wild caught salmon. The benefits of salmon for dogs are similar to that of the benefits for humans. Omega 3 fatty acids provide benefits for supple skin – and in the case of dogs, a shiny coat of fur. Salmon is also high in protein, making it the perfect treat for a midday snack or reward.

Manhattan Toy Shakers Salt Pet Toy $16.00

This toy is shaped like a llama – arguably one of the cutest animals around. Your dog may not appreciate this opinion, since this toy will likely be tossed, chased after and chewed on. Our dogs need durable toys that will keep them preoccupied. These toys include an internal squeaker, the ultimate sound of playtime and fun; and a knotted rope tail for tugging and pulling.

Opal & Olive Pink Ombre Chewy Bone $14.00

Of course we were going to include an item fit for even the most spoiled dogs. This fun colorful bone, appropriately titled Chewy Vuitton Paris, comes in 3 different sizes so no dog feels left out. There is a squeaker inside each bone, a playful surprise in between each chomp that encourages your furry baby to keep playing and have fun while doing it.

Spotted Nose Designs Silicone Lick Mats $9.99

Help keep that puppy brain working with silicone lick mats. Made of food grade silicone, they feature suction cups to hold the mats in place on any smooth surface. They’re also perfect for bath time. They’re easy to wash as well.