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Happy International Women’s Day

Today, I want to celebrate the women that inspire me… Each of you are powerful, strong and beautiful. Your impact has made this world a better place! Be sure to celebrate and spotlight the queens in your life today!

Courtesy of Amanda Ngoc Nguyen


On this special day, I would love to spotlight an inspiring activist and voice, Amanda Nguyen. Amanda has played such a huge role in my advocacy journey and has been so vital to the change we’ve already made within the troubled teen industry. For those of you who don’t know her, Amanda is a civil rights activist, and the CEO of Rise, a civil rights organization dedicated to providing protections for sexual assault survivors across the nation. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for penning her own civil rights into existence by unanimously passing the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights. Her 2021 viral video ignited world wide coverage on anti-Asian hate crimes and is credited as a pivotal moment for the Stop Asian Hate movement. After working in the activism space for 7 years, she is currently pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut and is the newest class member of the 2021 Astronautics Institute. Thank you Amanda for being such an important part of my advocacy journey.


My longtime friend Britney Spears has an unwavering spirit that we are all blessed to know. Her spirit keeps so many alive and going. She is a woman who perseveres, who never backs down and who remains strong and beautiful. Britney has not only changed countless lives with her music, but has changed the world with her one-of-a-kind heart. She is an icon and living legend that has changed pop culture forever. There is no one like her. She is the truest inspiration.


Happy #InternationalWomensDay to one of my friends, Gigi Gorgeous! Today is for you and the empowering woman you are. You bring the magic out of the rainbow and you help make this world a lot more bright and colorful. You are one of the biggest voices for the LGBTQ+ community and you’ve changed so many lives by sharing your story and being your true self. You began to make an impact on the world through YouTube but when you put out your documentary, “This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous,” you completely changed the game. It premiered at Sundance Film Festival and went on to be celebrated by Time Magazine, Forbes and many others. I’m inspired by your advocacy, and can’t wait to see what you do next.

Courtesy of Serwah Attafuah


One of my favorite parts about being in the NFT community is discovering some of the most talented artists. I was so grateful last year to commission a piece by an amazing artist named Serwah Attafuah for my Sotheby’s curation. I was instantly drawn to her work because it reminded me of the connection between women and the universe. Today is the perfect day to celebrate her and her work. Serwah is so innovative and creative, and her work has such a profound and powerful message. I love artists that stand for something with their own unique perspective. Serwah shows the importance of femininity in her work and the role it plays in the universe. From one artist to another, I’m wishing you the best International Women’s Day!

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One of the most inspiring #BossBabes I know is Tina Chen Craig. If I ever need advice on what skincare to use, or tips on minimalistic beauty, Tina knows best! She founded and created a brand called U Beauty, a one-of-kind skincare technology that she developed incorporating Asian culture and traditions, while being consciously clean and using green energy. Her attention to detail and focus on her products are always two steps ahead of the game. Happy #InternationalWomensDay to the skincare icon herself!

Courtesy of Kathy Hilton


One of the most inspirational women of our time is Rihanna! Happy International Women’s Day to the ultimate boss babe, Rihanna. Not only are you an award-winning singer, but you’re an actress, business woman, humanitarian, activist and philanthropist. You have transcended in front of our eyes and succeeded in so many ways. You founded an all-inclusive makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, and the most sliving lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, on top of multiple charities fighting against AIDS, cancer and for other important causes. You are the truest baddie and always inspire me!

Courtesy of Valentino


I am so proud to have lived my life surrounded by strong, beautiful women. Both of you are my role models, each in your own way. I continue to learn and grow just by being around you. Thank you for being by my side during my entire wedding journey and I can’t wait to see what amazing memories we’ll continue to have together.