Steals & Deals That Look Luxurious

While some of us can be more frivolous shoppers, we’ll always love a good deal. The items on this list are ones that I’d otherwise “save for later” or shop around for to find an alternative that doesn’t have a higher price tag. But we did the extra leg work for you! Below is a list of some luxurious finds, all at an amazing price. Some are practical day to day use, some are more of a want versus a need. Either way, I think you’ll love the options and maybe buy 2 and gift one to your best friend?

PopFlex Dreamscape Booty Band Set $27.90

There is something to being extra motivated to workout, when you have cute accessories to use. Booty bands are so versatile and for someone who travels so often, they’re the perfect thing to throw into your suitcase – letting you take your workout anywhere and with zero hassle. We love that these bands are also made with a knitted material, so they won’t ride up your leg and they’ll feel super comfortable. Also these colors, so cute right?

Awe Diamond Heart Locket $110.99

What girl doesn’t love an accessory that carries sentimental value? Include a photo of a person near and dear to your heart, or even your fur baby. This locket is available in rose gold and both options include diamonds, making it extra luxurious and the perfect statement piece for everyday wear.

Third Love Boho Lace Front Closure Bra $39

We love lingerie that is made and meant to be seen. It’s wireless, which makes it the most comfortable wear and has a front closure clip so you feel super supported. Pair this bralette with a white button up for a little peek-a-boo and jeans for a sexy but subtle look or underneath an open blazer, jeans and heels for a more bold look. 

Third Love Boho Lace Mid-Rise Brief $15

If you want a full lingerie moment, then you have to pair the bralette with these adorable mid-rise briefs. They’re lightweight, soft and give full coverage without any unwanted panty lines. Made with 95% lace, for that feminine, sophisticated and luxurious you.

Raedia Facial Cleansing Brush $49

If you’re one of many who has oily and sensitive skin, this facial cleansing brush might be your new best friend. This brush comes with 2 speeds – one for a more invigorating wash and one for a more gentle soft wash. Simply apply your face wash and let the brush do the work. You’ll love how much cleaner, softer and brighter your complexion looks after using this brush. And it comes in a hard shell case, making it easy to store away while traveling.

Aimee Kestenberg All My Heart Pouch $84

If you’re going to invest in a statement piece for a night out, let this pouch be the one. It’s the perfect size to carry all your essentials, has a zip closure so you know everything is secure and safe, covered in crystals and the heart shaped hardware can be held in your hands or even over your wrist. If you add this pouch to any look, you’ll instantly add that perfect amount of glam and glitz!

GLVSS The Flirt Sunglasses $80

I mean, these sunglasses are called “the flirt.” Who wouldn’t want to rock this gorgeous frame? These sunglasses are handcrafted in Italian acetate and come in three statement colors – black, red and white. The lens are scratch resistant and offer 100% UV protection, so you can not only look stylish, but do it safely.

Zoe Lev Gold Vermeil Thick Oval Hoops $70

While we love round shaped hoops, there is something special about an oval shape. These hoops can be worn as a set or mix and match with another style of earring. The oval shape is timeless and the yellow gold is really beautiful and chic. Buy a pair for yourself and your best friend!

Cream Yoga Sophia Sand Cheetah High Neck Sports Bra $52

Even if you don’t practice yoga, this sports bra would look so cute for casual athleisure wear on any day. It offers light to medium support and is made with a nylon spandex material, making it more durable for if you do decide to wear this for your next yoga flow. 

Cream Yoga Nancy Sand Cheetah Print Legging $68

Complete the look with these comfy print leggings. High waisted makes it more comfortable to wear while you run errands or if you’re in a downward dog. The ribbed fabric offers a smooth and sculpting look and bonus – there is a hidden waistband pocket. Who doesn’t love a pair of leggings, with a pocket?!

Chez Gagne Shower Steamer Duo $49.95

We love anything that makes our bathrooms feel and look like an expensive luxury spa. One of the best parts about going to spas are the steam rooms. Whether they’re using eucalyptus or another aroma, your experience is really elevated and who doesn’t love stepping out of a spa feeling like a million bucks? These shower steamers give you that exact spa-like feel, all from the comfort of your home. Simply put them in your shower and once in contact with water, a sweet cozy aroma will fill your bathroom, enveloping you in this luxe experience. Order from here directly and you’ll receive both steamer scents, giving you the chance to try a little bit of everything there is to be offered.