Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings

I’m so excited to be releasing my brand new NFT drop today on Origin Protocol with Dayzee and Superplastic. It has been such an exciting journey being in this space and being a part of the artist community for years now. Since my first NFT in 2020 and my drop last year called “Planet Paris,” I’ve met so many new friends, artists, collectors, mentors and partners in the NFT community. I am such a believer in this movement and all the possibilities yet to be created.

This drop means a lot to me because it showcases how far I’ve come. I titled the collection, “Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings” because it represents my life both past, present and future. The art I created is symbolic of my journey in the public eye for more than two decades.

Collaborating with Superplastic and the amazing Dayzee, we created a drop about me taking back my power and reclaiming my narrative from the media. In the height of the early 2000s celebrity craze, I believe the media and the public had a very limited perspective of who I really was and what I was capable of. Through it all, I’ve been able to sustain my career for more than twenty years by showing my resilience and building a loving and authentic connection with my fans.

When I decided to share the story of my past trauma and the abuse I endured as a teen held at Provo Canyon School, I felt liberated. I understood why I was given such a huge platform and how I could turn my pain into purpose. Today, I’ve found so much empowerment in sharing my story and using my voice to uplift others and make real change.

This collection of three pieces represents my message that “the truth will set you free,” which you see on Dayzee’s shirt and on the TV screens. This phrase has been a guiding light for me, as I turn the page on my past and move forward into the future.

Paris: Past Lives, New Beginnings

This new drop means so much getting to work with Dayzee and my friends at Superplastic. As you know, I love to celebrate other badass females in the community. With my first drop I got to collaborate with the talented Blake Kathryn, and I’m so honored to work with Dayzee on my second drop. She is a free spirit, rulebreaker and boss just like me.

To complete this drop, I also created another piece especially for my fans. My polygon piece is my own collage that I made for my husband. It’s called “My Forever Fairytale” It took me 6 months to make! We turned it into an NFT so it could live on the blockchain forever, which I think is the most romantic thing ever. I’m so grateful to have had so much love and support throughout my life and so many of you invested in my love story and my happy ending. 🥰

I feel like I’m entering a new phase in my life and now as a wife, I fully believe this next chapter for me will be my best yet. I love and appreciate all of you who have stuck by me over the years and this artwork is me sharing a piece of my heart with all of you. Here’s to new beautiful beginnings.

See the full collection and collect my pieces now at

Love you all,