My Most Comfortable Flats
Are Made From Recycled
Water Bottles
And Washable

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I was looking for some new pairs of stylish shoes that I could rely on for stability, sustainability, and that cute wow factor! Since I’m already pretty tall, I love wearing flats as my everyday shoe. 

Although Nicky and I don’t have exactly the same style for all our clothing, we love a lot of the same shoes, so I decided to turn to my trusted sis for advice! 

When Nicky told me about Rothy’s, I was so excited to try my own pair of these woven flats from a waste-conscious company. 

Chic and sustainable: my most comfortable flats are made from recycled water bottles and are washable!


I Couldn’t Believe How Vibrant The Color Of These Recycled Plastic Flats Was!

With five different styles, Rothy’s offers an everyday look, a professional look, and a special occasion flat all in one! Depending on what mood your sustainable flat is for, or for wherever you’re going, Rothy’s has your back every step of the way!

I decided to get an assortment of styles by Rothy’s because I completely believe in their message, how they make their products and the way they craft their shoes with style in mind.

First, I fell in love with the wildcat flats in The Point collection. I adore the sophisticated silhouette, the signature thread spun from plastic water bottles, and the sharp style of this collection

Once I fell in love with the Wildcat pattern, I also discovered the Violet Giraffe print, which combines beautiful blush and deep violet colors, and a maroon and light pink heel stripe for detailing. I couldn’t believe how vibrant the color of these recycled plastic flats was! And these flats are not only stylish, but they’re exceptionally comfortable, with zero break-in period. 

So, I decided to also get the Berry color in this collection because I wanted a solid pink flat for all the outfits that I have to match! Since I’m helping the environment, I don’t feel like ‘shopping too much’ is a problem when shopping for Rothy’s. I’m doing myself and the earth a favor! 

Help out the earth and find the right pair for you here!


Rothy’s Black Solid Flats

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The Clean, Sharp Cut Of Every Stitch And The Colors They Create From Plastic Make The Loafers A Total Masterpiece


I was blown away by the quality of Rothy’s products, especially the loafers.

The classiness of the fit, the clean, sharp cut of every stitch, and the colors they can create from plastic make the loafers a total masterpiece!

Out of all the styles on Rothy’s website, I bought the most from the loafer collection because I love accumulating timeless and classic pieces that give that effortless-style feeling. 

I also love being able to put on a shoe in the morning and not think twice about whether I look classy for wherever I’ll end up. Loafers, like the unique ones from Rothy’s collection, go with any outfit: whether I’m wearing a colorful dress, a classic pant, or a dark denim, I am in style!

I can also wear these loafers around the house and feel so comfortable! 

From the Rothy’s loafer collection, I decided to get the Mocha Spot, the Cheetah, the Linen Double stitch, and the Solid Black—for a flat I can wear with everything. I made the Mocha Spot my regular house shoe and the other pairs I wear out of the house.

What I love the most about Rothy’s loafer collection is that all of their flats are fully machine washable. They have these incredible slip out insoles that pop right into the washing machine, and all I need to do is air-dry them after they’re washed.

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