These 10 Gorgeous Wedding Gifts From Paris’ Bridal Registry Are Less Than $150

If you’ve ever wanted to give a gift Paris-style, now is your chance to do it. As Paris’ wedding gets closer, 11/11 to be exact, we’ve got our hands on her official gift registry and it’s no surprise that it’s filled with plenty of gorgeous items. Oh, and did we mention that there are options less than $150? Loves it.

From a glamorous diamond-cut perfume bottle to a super cute Versace butterfly dish, the gifts from Paris’ wedding registry are anything short of iconic. There’s also a chic Hermès deco coaster and a luxurious matte gold placemat on her list. We can definitely see why Paris chose each gift.

If you know a bride or groom-to-be that’s a fan of her style, these items can definitely make their big day even more special. And even if you’re not shopping for anyone in particular, just browsing these wedding gifts can be totally inspirational, especially when they’re approved by Paris herself.

So whether you’re looking to give a bridal gift a holiday gift or are just curious to know what’s on Paris’ list, below are ten of our favorite picks from her registry that can have all the wedding guests saying, “That’s Hot.”

Andrew Pearce Salad Servers, $85

Made out of wood, these sleek salad servers are non-toxic and lightweight.


Tizo Modern Bead 5×7 Frame Silverplate, $70

This elegant picture frame can hold all of your favorite memories.


Tizo Diamond Cut Perfume Bottle, $70

We could totally see this glossy perfume bottle on Paris’ vanity table.


The Ivy Guild Coral Orchid in Bowl, Mercury $80

You don’t need a lot of maintenance for this stylish floral arrangement.


Michael Aram Sunflower Catch All, $60

This sunflower catch all can bring all the brightness into anyone’s home.


Versace Butterfly Garden Canape Dish, $60

This dish can be totally fit for a #ButterflyBabe like Paris.


Kim Seybert Gilded Channel Placemat Gold, $90

This lavish placemat is designed with matte gold, yaaaaas.


Alessi Trinity Fruit Holder Black, $140

This unique fruit holder can also make a statement as a kitchen centerpiece.


William Yeoward Country Country Jasmine Carafe Bottle, $140

Anyone can use this carafe for the ultimate brunch with their besties.


Hermès H Deco Coaster, $135

You can fill this deco coaster with teas or pastries. #sliving