About Paris

Innovator, podcast host, investor, tv star, advocate, artist, and more...

One of today’s most recognizable entrepreneurs and international influencers, Paris Hilton is a pioneer in television, podcasting and NFTs and an innovator in building businesses, social media and celebrity branding.

Since starring in “The Simple Life,” Hilton has built a global empire as a businesswoman, influencer, activist, DJ, designer, investor, recording artist, philanthropist, host, actress, chef, model and author. In 2006, she created Paris Hilton Entertainment (now known as 11:11 Media), a multi-billion-dollar company that started with 45 branded stores and 19 product lines surpassing over $4 billion in revenue. Today, 11:11 Media is a full-stop, integrated media and product company with verticals covering TV (Slivington Manor Entertainment), podcasts (London Audio), digital (11:11 Digital), licensing, NFTs, music, impact and more. Always attuned to emerging trends and opportunities, Hilton continues to expand 11:11 Media and use her platform to inspire, empower and create lasting positive impact.

Through Hilton’s production company (Slivington Manor Entertainment) and a multi-year partnership with Warner Bros., Hilton released “Cooking with Paris” (a new twist on a cooking show; released on Netflix in August 2021), is currently filming “Paris in Love” (a docu-series covering Hilton’s life leading up to and including her wedding; coming to Peacock in December 2021) and is in development on various other TV projects.

Through Hilton’s podcasting and audio company (London Audio), which is underpinned by a multi-year partnership with iHeartMedia, Hilton hosts her own podcast (“This is Paris” with 2.6M downloads as of August 2021), launched a “This is Paris” spinoff series (“Dominated”) focused on women who rule in worlds usually dominated by men, and is currently developing additional original podcast series among various topics including her social advocacy work.

As an investor, Hilton is committed to supporting and investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs. She has positively impacted the world at companies such as Daily Harvest, R3SET, Yat, Genies Good Catch, Zen Water, Podz, and many more.

Hilton has also solidified herself as an NFT leader as was recently seen by her being named #7 on Forbes’ NFT 50 most influential people in NFTs and through being awarded “Winner of Best Charity NFT” at the 2020 NFT Awards. In staying true to her goal of fostering empowerment and in collaboration with Sevens Foundation, Paris curated and launched “Empowered By Paris: Empowered Women Empower Women Exhibition”, which is an NFT exhibit dedicated to showcasing and equipping female artists with a platform to succeed.

Through her powerful activism work, Hilton has spearheaded impactful policy changes across the United States. In the critically acclaimed “This is Paris” YouTube Originals documentary (which has garnered over 23 million views to date), Hilton revealed the abuses she suffered as a teenager within the Troubled Teen Industry and has since utilized her personal experiences to help pass seven U.S. state laws as well as a law in Northern Ireland all aimed at protecting youth and reforming facilities. In partnership with Breaking Code Silence, a nonprofit whose goal is to eradicate the abuse of children in systemically abusive institutions, Hilton has helped develop federal legislation that will positively impact 120,000 youth annually. Hilton was accepted to RISE Justice Labs, the world’s first civil rights accelerator, to continue her advocacy work around the Troubled Teen Industry and recently received a grant from the Hilton Foundation to develop a mental health support model for survivors. Philanthropy is an important part of Hilton’s life and she frequently works with the Children’s Hospital in LA, as well as various group homes and hospitals overseas. Moving forward, child rights advocacy and mental health reform will continue to be important pillars of her platform.

This is just the start for Paris Hilton and 11:11 Media which has a mission to empower and inspire the next generation. In the coming year you can expect many innovative, exciting projects. Whether it is ParisWorld (a metaverse within Roblox), inventive new NFT drop formats, a beauty product line, a cookware/kitchen product line, or new TV shows and podcasts, 11:11 Media is poised to impress and will be a company to watch.


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