Paris and Carter’s First Trip to Africa Together

In June of 2021 Carter and I took a pre-wedding trip to South Africa. Taking an annual trip to South Africa is a tradition for the Reum’s, and because I am soon to be an official member of the Reum family, Carter wanted me to experience it firsthand. It was the ultimate trip. We went out on a safari and saw everything from zebras to giraffes. My favorite part was the baby elephants! Along with the safari I replaced my heels for boots when we picked up our fishing rods. It was so much fun getting to embrace my inner tomboy. Sometimes it’s fun getting your hands dirty, especially when you’re trying something new for the first time in a location you have never been before. We concluded our trip relaxing by the poolside and relishing in the beautiful sunsets. It was a great bonding experience for my love, Carter, and me. I cannot wait to do it again next year and the year after that with our soon-to-be growing family.