Beauty Finds For The Most Luxe, Glamorous and Stylish Queens

If the words best fit to describe you include luxurious, stylist, glamorous and regal, then these items are perfect for you, queen! A lot of these items are meant to give you ease and accessibility to some of the most stylish spa and beauty experiences, all from home. Everything from hair, nails and skin is provided for and you’ll love including these items into your beauty care routine. And maybe you have a friend, a fellow queen, in mind? Any of these items also make the perfect gift for any occasion!

Kit•Sch Satin Heatless Curling Set $18.00

You’ve likely seen every influencer on TikTok use these and we have yet to see someone not get the perfect curls from it. If you’re someone who likes to curl their hair regularly, this is the perfect alternative to using hot tools that overtime will damage your hair. The satin material helps keep your hair frizz free and prevent breakage. They’re super comfortable to wear and once you take them out, reveal the most bouncy voluminous curls that honestly no curling iron could ever give you

Doe Lashes Fairy Starter Pack $52.00

If wearing false lashes is a new venture for you, this starter pack is a perfect introduction for you. The lashes are made from ultra fine silk fibers, making it safe for your natural lashes and comfortable for all day or night wear. You won’t even know you’re wearing false lashes, with how comfortable and natural these feel!

Vanity Planet Anti-Aging Red LED Eye Patches $89.00

Red light therapy is used by many for its incredible health benefits like reducing inflammation and helping to reduce skin impurities and pigmentation. Our eyes are the first part of our face to show signs of aging and we love how these eye patches target the signs directly. Simply wear the patches under your eyes, as you would with an eye mask. Let the light do the magic – it will help to brighten your under eyes, reduce wrinkles, increase collagen production and even under eye skin tone. The 4 different LED lights (all FDA cleared) provide different wavelengths and benefits too.

Vanity Planet LEDA Red Anti Aging Sonic Facial Brush $89.00

Red LED light therapy is known to help boost collagen and reduce inflammation. This facial brush gives your skin those benefits directly, with each stroke during your skincare routine. If you struggle with dry, dull and/or acne prone skin, this might become your new companion. You can use the brush to help wash your face with your favorite cleanser, helping to improve and prevent fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots. And then switch the head out fo the massager which you can use to help massage your skincare products in and really maximize the benefits of each product. Your skin will never look better!

Jelcie Gel Manicure Starter Set $45.00

After you step out of your aromatherapy shower, give yourself a salon professional manicure with this DIY gel manicure system. It includes every item you need to give you the perfect gel manicure, including nail decals and a UV curing lamp. These gellies help to strengthen your nails, lasts 2 weeks on average and upon removal there is no damage done to your natural nail. Choose from a variety of fun unique nail decals and invite your friends over for a manicure night!

To Go Spa Rose Gold EYES: AKA Tighter and Brighter $15.00

Stayed up late? Had a long travel day? Need to brighten up your look and look well rested? These are perfect for those moments exactly. These eye masks are infused with marine plant based collagen, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vitamin C and E, amino acids, resveratrol, rose extract and gold powder. All of these ingredients help to feed nutrients back into your eyes and give you that rested youthful look when you desire it most. All you need is 15 minutes of wear to give your eyes improvement in both texture and appearance

Lunata Cordless Styler Pro $200.00

Do you ever find yourself getting tangled in cords when trying to style your hair? Now you can experience styling your hair without the added hassle of keeping wary of getting caught in the cord. This cordless straightener was designed to give you professional results and a lot of ease. Each charge gives you 60 minutes of use and if you need more than 60 minutes, you can simply plug it in to recharge and still be able to use it while charging. And don’t forget to add this to your travel bag!

Nude Mints Ice Shot Mints $25.00

These breath mints don’t just mask the smell of bad breath, it addresses the root of the odor too. The outer capsule dissolves in your mouth within seconds, giving you refreshing minty breath; while the inner capsule is swallowed and dissolves in your gut, getting rid of the burpy odor for up to 3 hours. Made with mindful ingredients such as bovine gelatin, which supports the gut and digestive system and menthol and peppermint flavor, which gives you that fresh just brushed breath. Plus the container is so cute and tiny, you can easily fit it into the smallest of purses for any occasion